NBA 2K15 1.0

Professional basketball simulator that lets you play as your favorite players within the NBA

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NBA 2K15 is a basketball simulation game with a strong focus on the fundamentals. A yearly release, the 2K series is one of the best-received basketball series on the market.

NBA 2K15 is a standout game in most regards. The simple mechanics of basketball are a joy in the game. You have the level of control you'd expect from a major release, and playing the game feels right in a way that's hard to describe. The control scheme is pretty much perfect, and it needs to be - the AI has been beefed-up considerably in this release, making for a more realistic game. Coupled with a fantastic MyPlayer mode, NBA 2K15 should set a very high bar for any other basketball game.

It's a shame, then, that some technical issues hurt the game. The biggest problem is the online servers. They're simply not stable enough to support a timing-based game like basketball, and almost every player runs into problems. Likewise, a few odd animation bugs will pull you out of the game from time to time, ruining immersion. Finally, most of the modes outside of MyPlayer really aren't worth looking at. The game is packed with features, but most of them aren't all that outstanding.

NBA 2K15 doesn't break ground, but it's still a game worth playing. It's a good fit for anyone with a mid-range computer who loves basketball. Don't expect a lot of competition online, though. And be prepared for some frustration with the servers. If you can get a game going, you'll be glad that you put in the time and effort. NBA 2K15 may not be a champion, but it is certainly a playoff contender.


  • Great MyPlayer mode
  • Fantastic graphics
  • Perfect controls
  • Great AI


  • Bad connectivity
  • Hard to find a game
  • Animation bugs still present

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